Our Story


Melanin Wrapping Paper first came as an idea I wasn’t searching for while in deep meditation. I had a very strong impulse that said “create a wrapping paper.” Nothing more, nothing less. Everything in me was ready to leave it as an idea written in a book on a page, to never be completed. As the days went on something kept tugging at me to make this idea come to life. Clueless, and afraid, I stepped up to challenge myself and created the Christmas kids design. From the moment I saw it completed, I knew this was way bigger than a one hit wonder Christmas product, and that the black community needs more representation in the gift wrap industry. It was at this moment that Melanin Wrapping Paper was born.


Feliz Nichols was born in Baltimore, Maryland, but grew up in South Florida. An artist by nature, she is self taught in graphic design, and hopes to inspire the masses to follow their dreams. She is a fearless entrepreneur who believes that staying true to your inner being and living life in the way that’s truly best for you will bring you unimaginable results. She wants to show the world that nothing is impossible, and that true happiness and fulfillment does exist.
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